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【Design is Discount】国际家居设计品、设计师服装特卖

  • 2013.12.11
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圣诞、跨年佳节到了,准备一份精致又富设计感的礼物,送给亲密的朋友家人或自己,来表达您特别的心意及品味.YAANG life为您带来上千款独具设计感的各类佳品以及特别折扣,让今年的选礼、送礼更有心更有型.

During this special festive season, prepare special gifts for special friends and family, to express your mind and unique styles. YAANG life launches “WHOLE STORE DISCOUNT” a one-month special sales for you ! A once-in-a-year opportunity for you to find the best gifts for your loved ones and yourself.

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