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Customized design & tailored solutions

YAANG life caters for comprehensive customized design solutions, from product planning, functional design & modeling to manufacturing process & packaging design.
  • Top notch design resources
    YAANG life enjoys the unparalleled & full support of Kieferzapfen Design. The internationally renowned business has been providing outstanding design services on domestic & international markets and thus gathers a strong experience in customized design. Multicultural openness & top notch skills coupled with a strong sense for understanding client’s requirements make Kieferzapfen a sound partner.
  • Well-tried production network
    Relationships between our team and a few selected factories can be quantified in years of partnership. We offer you the opportunity to rely on trustworthy and solid Chinese factories used to our standards and capable to produce quality items within controlled budget.
  • Seasoned marketing expertise
    Ensuring you to meet your customers needs through product customization is also one of YAANG life’s concerns. Our resources thus include marketing tailored help, based on a rich experience of brand development and integration. Even before the design phase, we provide you with market insight necessary to your brand DNA.
  • Clients satisfied by our tailored gift solutions Further information at:
    T:+86 21 52540068      E:info@yaanglife.com