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YAANG design brand
Winter 2007, Yang Wang has returned to her childhood’s city, Shanghai, after a long & successful stay in Germany. Lead by her own creativity and backed by the strong impulse of the city, she establishes the brand YAANG, a personal project she dedicates herself to....
YAANG’s beginnings are promising as its designer’s style exhibits a rooting for Chinese culture blended with Western influenced visual impact. Amongst her creations, the Lust chair, Startle hot water flask and Double Happiness candle holder are the most acclaimed and quickly become the symbol of YAANG ‘s own spirit.
In addition to the modernity & cultural insights about China embodied in each item, Yang Wang design are known to trigger sheer emotions.
The brand’s furniture, décor, gifts and other lifestyle products cater for a large range of needs and uses in one’s daily life gathered around themes such as “City memories”, “Intricate love”, “Blooming life”, Modern Heritage…
Currently, YAANG is a fully establish original brand sought in domestic fairs and overseas biggest commercial exhibition in the U.S.A, Italy, Sweeden, Taiwan, Hong-Kong.
YAANG life Concept store
Summer 2012, more than 5 years after the creation of YAANG, Yang Wang still believes in the strength and beauty of design. She has travelled continents, discovered many rarities and original designs she believes will bring something else to Chinese & expatriates life.
As a natural extension of YAANG, the concept of YAANG life has sprang in her mind, and becomes reality.
The spirit is intact, Western & Eastern brands are displayed side to side, creating a mix & match of styles and colors unique to the brand, gathered in a unique setting, a 500sqm renovated 1930’s warehouse. YAANG life now counts more than a thousand products all designed by people intent on enhancing everyone’s life experience.
Past, present and future, are embodied in much of the items, whether they carry China’s cultural heritage, European old-age art craft, or trendy and forward-thinking designs by inspired artists.
Early 2013, YAANG life celebrates the opening of its second venue, in K11 Art Mall, on Shanghai’s upscale Huaihai road.